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Part 486: 1370: Peace Talks

That is correct, gentlemen, we will be doing the heroquest, "Orlanth and the Storm Tribe." Good guess!

Sending in a appropriately chosen worshiper with ludicrous stats to do one of the easier heroquests succeeds completely, to everyone's great surprise.

As arranged previously, a delegation of Telmori leaders, including their king, Kostajor Many-Whelps, has come to your clan hall to negotiate peace. What is the main thing you offer them?

A promise to stop attacking them.

A treasure.



A chance to build a town.

If we succeed, we will gain the esteem of all of Dragon Pass.

We can't give them cattle, we can't afford it.

The Telmori are not interested in becoming civilized.

Land is the most valuable gift, and we have more of it than we need.

Give them twenty cows.

We can trust them, for they are ruled by men, not women.