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Part 129: 1340: Naming the Tribe

We have send forth our emissaries. Soon, a new tribe will grow to rival the Colymar tribe!

Buuut I've got nothing better to do with my time at the moment (I don't want Korstardos away when Sacred Time begins) so I just sacrifice to a random god. Well, to our ancestors, I suppose. The Ancestors reward our devotion with the Summons of Evil ritual, so now we can be attacked by trolls any time we want to be!

And so the new year begins. Normally I pause here to ask what everyone wants to get done, but we've decided our two priorities already.

First, we want to befriend all of our neighbors, wow them with our generosity, our kindness, our greatness, and our wealth. We want to unite warring factions under our wing. Maybe we even want to let the Blue Jays into the tribe, for a wise man fears no discussion and they seem like a cunning bunch.

Second, we want to not starve to death.

On the theme of not starving to death, I have sent Korstardos out to buy more food, this time from the fields of the Bayberries.

Many tribes are named after their founder, but it is not a requirement to do so.

The name must encompass all that is good in the Orlanthi.

Me! Me! Name it after me!