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Part 128: 1339: The Prophet Returns

Well, trade isn't all that plausible with all this snow, so I've spent this winter researching and building a temple for the powerful Earthblood miracle.

Death will now empower our fields... whenever someone dies in our fields, our crops will grow more verdant next harvest.

Another failed expedition. When we're not starving to death, we need to get the Pathfinder miracle up and running.

The weaponthanes complained about their nubmers again, so I told them to recruit me some new guys. Seven new weaponthanes, free.

The trolls came back, and despite a strong showing, they walked all over us. They made off with a LOT of cows.

Once the snows broke, I sent Korstardos off to get more food.

Cry me a river, hippie.

The renowned prophet, Einarth Milk-Eyes, who hails from a distant clan, returns. "A great kingdom I see before me. Its foundation, a tribe built of this tula's timber. I see a union of opposites, a marriage to the Queen of Feathers. I see triumph, if these clan halls contain enough with and bravery."

End the feud with the Jenestni clan.

Gift Einarth.

Ignore the prophecy.

Immediately begin assembling a tribe.

Offer him a place in your clan.

Wait for a while, then assemble a tribe.

Long have I studied the laws governing tribal obligations, in preparation for this day.

I am not a skilled enough bargainer to broker the deals we would need to make.

We are not yet wealthy enough to sponsor a tribe.

This kingdom he speaks of would certainly be a new thing in Dragon Pass. And new isn't always bad.

Uniting opposites -- hmm, could be the Uroxi making peace with the, that's not it...