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Part 127: The Making of the Storm Tribe: Finale

Ortossi returns to the jubilant crowd, having succesfully completed the heroquest. Orlanth will bless our next attempt to make a tribe.

We don't get to choose when that happens. Now that we've performed that particular heroquest, some day that crazy prophet will return and tell us it's time for us to make a tribe. We just get to chill until then.

Also, Ortossi shattered his hand against that damn cage. Stupid cage.

It's not all beef and known drinks, though... we've got some bad news.

Remember when our people demanded that we raid the Blue Jays for land? Yeah... that was during the planting season, which means we planted WAY less than we thought we would, which means we're short on food.

We can eat cows (each cow will provide us with 1 bushel of food) pigs and sheep (ten animals is one food), horses (one for one) or we can obtain food some other way.

I'm taking suggestions--thinks are honestly a little tight at the moment.