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Part 364: 1357: Spike Reclaimed

We didn't get out from under our obligaiton, but we did get a pile of silver.

Presumably, some of this silver was stolen from the Wolves.

...maybe we should give it back to them.

Morale offsets mood hits from losing battles, which seems like it might be useful now that we occasionally lose fights. I miss our dinosaurs.

Our boy Terasarin is now the second best fighter in the clan, after Queen Angry.

The delegation from the Holy Country returns to reclaim the Iron Spike. These representatives of the far-off Land Breakers clan bring the gifts they promised: a tapestry even more valuable than th eone they gave you before, and plenty more silver.

Attack them and take the gifts.

Return the Iron Spike.

Threaten to attack them if they don't hand over the gifts.

"We don't have it any more."

"We have the spike, but we're not going to give it to you."

Offer compensation for it.

We made a promise to them. They are in the right.

They cannot defend themselves against us.

There's something they're not telling us about the spike.

Orlanth helped Grandmother Turtle by fighting off the birds that hurt her. He did not collect on his debt then, but reserved it to be a return gift for the future.

Losing a great weapon against the trolls seems like a blow against our ancestors.

I'm afraid hanging onto the spike will just bring more trouble.