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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 142: 1340: Tribal Negotiation Summit

Very well. The Apples are generous and strong. We would be small and miserly not to concede to their single issue.

Korstardos is on FIRE. Another successful recruit!

I think we're done here. Now it's time for the moot of confederation, and I'm sure it will go smoothly.

You and the Badger, Rangdani, Bayberry, Wolf, and Apple clans all gather for a moot of confederation. It soon becomes clear that there are serious problems with the deal you negotiated. The concessions you gave to some clans displease the chieftains of other clans. When this is made clear, the chieftains who won these concessions become offended. 3 of the clans are especially unhappy. It looks like this new tribe of yours might be dead in its cradle.

Abandon attempts to form a tribe.

Encourage satisfied clans to make concessions to dissatisfied clans.

Give cows to dissatisfied clans.

Persuade dissatisfied clans that the deal is better than then think.

Give a treasure to each of the dissatisfied clans.

They just need a little persuading. Soon, we will have our tribe.

A deal is very far away.

The gift of treasure is always attractive.

Twenty-five cows for each dissatisfied clan ought to do the trick.

We can't afford to give away any more cows!

Like cattle to the fold, let them believe they can back out if they want to. Once we are a tribe, they will be pleased at the results, and the gate will be shut.

Tell them that if they don't agree, I will send a dreadful curse that will cause their couples to quarrel and their cattle to stop breeding.