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Part 176: 1343: Ernaldori Seek Knowledge

Maigc is meant to be spent.

Goodbye, most forgettable member of the ring. The only way your death saddens me is that it means I'll have to stick someone new in the slot.

Fortunately, I've been preparing someone for a ring seat for some time now.

This is the new magic we've gained by building a shrine to the wind spirits. None of these spells can be maintained, they can only be cast manually. Listening Wind helps us maneuver during raids. Seeing Wind lets us know about our enemies actions. Understanding Wind helps Orlanth and Vinga worshipers in an annoyingly undefined way.

And here, because I know people have been wondering, is a current map of Dragon Pass's political landscape.

I've sent another of the interchangeable young new nobles to explore the tula.

Some of you have been wondering just what treasures are expendable. A limited use item that marginally increases the effectiveness of the "Skirmish" option in raids is an excellent example of a treasure that exists to be traded away in special events.

Horse spawn come, fewer horse spawn leave.

Then we attack the Blue Jays. They need to learn that their tribe cannot protect them from our wrath!

Heh, punk kid thought he'd get screen time.

I don't know why the Blue Jays thought they didn't have to pay us anymore, but we're getting our tribute out of them one way or another.

Expectant thanes from the Ernaldori clan come seeking the aid of your Lhankor Mhy priests. "We found this strange scroll while exploring the arid plains of Prax. We will give you ten cows if your priests can perform magic which will tell us what the scroll means."

Accept their offer.

Ask for higher compensation.

Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.

Perform the ritual in exchange for an alliance between your two clans.

Refuse them.

Cows are better than intangible favors. Take the cows.

They would be indebted to us if we did it as a favor.

During the Lightbringers Quest, the Knowing God was often called upon to translate cryptic messages for Orlanth and the other companions.

If the scroll contains directions to a lost cache of silver, we should tell them it says something different, then go get the loot ourselves.