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Part 231: 1348: Troll Traders

Derik and five other weaponthanes head off--so I find myself a little short handed, militarily speaking.

So I fix that.

Derik comes back without having lost a single weaponthane, and with eight goods besides. I wish we could send him out to do that more often.

Anyway, now we're practically swimming in weaponthanes.

Luena, a trader of our clan, heard rumors of a bizarre caravan approaching from the north. She went ot see it for herself, and now reports that the rumors are true. It is a troll caravan transporting goods south to the Shadow Plateau, in the Holy Country. The trolls use giant insects as beasts of burden; they are slow-moving and only travel at night.

Approach the trolls and see if they want to trade.

Assemble the other clans for a joint raid.

Do nothing.

Offer gifts to the trolls.

Raid the caravan.

If we bring in other clans, we will get a smaller share of the loot.

The war clouds move west. It is a good time to battle.

We have shown the trolls we are their foes. Of course they will not trade with us.

Will troll-booty make up for lost crops? I think not!

The trolls were the enemy of our ancestors. We must raid the trolls to honor our ancestors!