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Part 171: 1342: Blue Spruce Traders

There goes a magnificent guy. I wonder what his deal was.

The good news is that for once, hardly anyone is sick! We celebrate with a tremendous feast.

I'm gonna start selling all this excess food for cattle.

I asked Lhankor Mhy why the Wolves were so upset with us. He just shrugged and mumbled something about it being their chief's time of the moon, and went back to reading.

Sometimes I think we should have chosen Issaries as our vice-patron god.

Traders from the Blue Spruces come to offer what they say is a fabulous treasure. They have a number of magical containers they got from the dwarfs, mysterious beings who live in that strange mountain to the northwest. The traders want to know if you wish to trade for some of these treasures. They will take another treasure in return, or 50 cows worth of silver.

We only have 38 goods, more's the pity.

Offer them 25 cows worth of silver.

Politely decline their offer.

Suggest anotehr clan that might be interested.

Trade treasure for treasure.

How much are we willing to pay to satisfy our curiosity? That is the real question.

They're trying to put one over on us.

It's just dwarf food. Foist them off on someone else.