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Part 172: 1342: Other Tribes Form

The Jenestni sound like perfect people to sell your cans of plump helmets to!

I send Korstardos off to make us some money selling the ludicrous piles of food we've somehow wound up with.

It takes five expeditions, and all I learn is that it's a 'good' kind of mysterious? Damn you, Kero Fin! I shall unlock your secrets yet!

Also, the Blue Jays have started wearing pants like they're big boys.

They may be cunning in politics, but they're no match for us in war.

Sora Goodseller, a trader-priestess of the talking god, Issaries, comes to trade with you. In the course of a routine trading session, she shares some news. "By helping to start a new tribe, you changed the face of Dragon Pass." Afraid of your tribe's power, the other clans are gathering themselves into tribes. The Hillhaven, Ernaldori, and Zenthoring clans have joined together as the Dundealos tribe. The Aranwyth tribe is made up of the Blackrock, Turtle, and Blue Jay clans. Finally, the Fire Quartz, Blue Spruce, Anzarni, Arnorling, and Jenestni clans have confederated as the Balmyr tribe. Other clans are considering forming tribes, too.

Argue for war with another tribe.

Attempt an alliance with another tribe.

Convey the news to the other clans of the tribe.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from the new tribes.

Warn the Marsh Ducks against one of the new tribes.

We are strong, and should prove it on the battlefield.

In a place where there are so many elder races and other strange things, it is good to have some inhumans on your side.

With the help of one of the new tribes, we can finally be rid of the elves, once and for all!

Good Ernalda, preserve us!

A while ago, someone did a random event where a clan raiding the Kuchulainn encounters a heroquesting Korstardos. Anyone got that image?