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Part 173: 1342: Wind Spirits of Kero Fin

So much for turning the Marsh Ducks on our enemies.

Helganna the Knowing, a Lhankor Mhy devotee of your clan, describes to you a curious event that took place when your exploratory party visited Mount Kero Fin. There they encountered a number of wind spirits, who claim kinship with Orlanth, and with Orlanth's mother, the goddess Kero Fin. Some of them are called the Listening Winds; others are called the Seeing Winds. Helganna has now visited with these spirits, and suggests that the clan sacrifice to them and gain their favor.

Forget the incident.

Invite the spirits to inhabit a shrine at your temple.

Recite to the spirits a poem you have composed in their honor.

Sacrifice to the spirits.

Tell another clan about this opportunity.

Building a shrine might be costly, but then again the spirits may have valuable gifts to give us in return.

There is no more lasting gift than a great poem, which is remembered forever.

These spirits can help us hear what our enemies are saying. They can watch our foes' movements from the air. They can give us wisdom.