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Part 241: Ernalda Feeds the Tribe: Part I

The people were reassured by the news it was not an omen, and our clan magic went up by two. I was so relieved I forgot to take a screenshot!

It's that time again!

The people have gathered their magic to help propel Umathkar to the realm of the gods, with the assistance of 96 worshipers from our tribe. Umathkar is not a worshiper of Ernalda, but the people hoped she would succeed anyway.

The myth begins with an attack on Ernalda by an enemy, which causes starvation within the Storm Tribe. She goes on a journey to recover Barntar, Esra, and Uralda, the lost gods who will enable her to feed the tribe. What benefit does Umathkar seek from this heroquest?

Bring back a treasure.

Increase crop yields.
(We absolutely don't need this, btw)

Make peace with the elves.

Make the cows healthy.

Reconcile the grievances of the carls.

Strengthen the Quester.

The legends may be of some small help.

Don't even think about making peace with the elves. I know where you sleep, Umathkar!