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Part 106: 1337: Rangdani Alliance Negotiations

I'm shocked and amazed that so many of you just happened to pick my favorite item of the batch! It just shows how in tune with me you all are.

Unfortunately, when the Upper Wind tore at the face and scalp of Ortossi, he became quite injured, so we're without a war leader for a while.

Instead, I decide to spend the winter sucking up to our neighbors, the Rangdani clan. First, we send gifts--12 horses, 21 goods, a steep price but that just shows our generosity. They respond by saying all between us is equal.

Then Korstardos goes again, again with twelve horses and 21 gifts, but this time he is seeking an alliance. Bandits attack on the second run, but they're nothing he can't handle.

Your emissary, Korstardos, approaches the Rangdani, seeking to negotiate an alliance with them. First, he presents the gifts we sent. The Rangdani extravagantly praise our gifts. They toast Korstardos in their feasting hall many times.

Once the gift-giving is over, how does he approach the Rangdani for this alliance?

"It would be generous of you to help us in our time of need.

"Together, we can overcome our foes. We will be celebrated by the great poets."

"We are both blessed by the gods, and our alliance would please them further."

"You need warriors to protect you, and we need food."

"You would profit greatly from an alliance."

Their chief, Hend, values generosity over all other Orlanthi virtues.