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Part 107: 1337: A Prophet Appears

Jefepato posted:

The generosity angle seems pretty solid, even if it sounds less like an actual alliance proposal than some others. Let's do it.

We gave him twenty four horses and fourty two cows worth of goods, made from clay, from leather, from gold and silver, from strange green stone and bleached white ivory.

Hend knows what's up.

And it looks like he's cool with it. We're his kind of people, and he's our kind of guy! Looks like the cooks have joined team awesome. Not sure what our next goal is... finish off the Jenestni, maybe? Start a feud with the Blue Jays? Gee, I guess we'll have to see what events come up. Maybe a game-defining event will happen soon!

You're more fun when you're telling us about the evil barley.

Sadly, ignoring this problem won't make it go away, sooo...

First, I find out that we're 109 carls short of tending our fields--if every single one of our farmers isn't sick, which seems unlikely given that many of our workers are sick. I recruit from everyone but vagabonds, who just depress the tribe.

Then, we sacrifice to the gods. We don't know Chalana Arroy's rituals of health and wellness, so instead I pray to Malia, chaos goddess of pestilence and plague to please go away. She is honored by our cows, and turns her dread gaze elsewhere.

This isn't sustainable, but it's a good short-term solution, given that we want to have these farmers functional by the planting season, which starts in a month.

A double dose of bad news. The new recruits bring more mouths than working hands, and the world's horniest bull has just died. Poor Blacktail!

Fortunately, something pretty major happens to take our mind off of things. This should be the sacred time, but the moment it begins a strange man arrives.

Einarth Milk-Eyes, an old man from a faraway clan, comes to visit you. He is renowned as a prophet. "I see the form of a kingdom in the mists before me. I see glory ahead -- but there is a shadow, a dark space where I would expect to see the light of the tribe-making quest glowing brightly."

Gift Einarth.

Ignore the prophecy.

Offer him a place in your clan.

Wait until you are strong enough to attempt the "Making of the Storm Tribe" heroquest.

We are strong enough to be a clan to contend with.

We will succeed at the quest, and I will be ready to say the laws when we become a tribe.

Keep our trickster out of trouble until the sacred time -- when we can allot magic to quests and so succeed at this mission.

After we win at this quest, I relish the chance to deal with all the other clans during tribe-making.

Wait until we have enough cows to sponsor a tribe before attempting a heroquest.

Acting swiftly and decisively is one thing. Rushing into rash actions is another.

Send me to do this heroquest! I can set everyone to fighting, so that they will be weak and we will be strong.