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Part 277: Continuity Repaired

I have installed, patched, and successfully run King of Dragon Pass on my laptop. Not only does this mean I'll be able to suspend games more easilly and reliably then before (I've been concealing the number of events that got retconned due to power issues--it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen) but I'll be able to work on the LP and maybe even update on the road.

Anyway, I resumed where I left off. It's a shame, but I don't think the same random events will ha--

--huh, what are the odds of that! Very well, three-fourths of our weaponthanes will be sent to Tarsh, but Umathkar will remain behind to reign over our tribe. A pity the other events won't happ--

--Whadda ya know! Another drought!

The heroquest was successful, and rewarded us with an astounding eleven extra magic. Most tribes would be happy to have this much in pocket before spending at the sacred time, let alone immediately after.

Plus, the ducks came back---which means we can pick up exactly where we left off! Pretty lucky turn of the worm, there.

We got the three cows back, and a cow's worth of goods besides. A happy ending, if a somewhat petty event.

So, before I dive back into the action, we have an issue. The more observant among you have noticed that even as we send out exploration the map isn't updating. This is a side effect of having Gustbran's Wheel, the treasure that boosts our movement speed during exploration. As long as we have that, exploring doesn't reveal the map. But while we have it, exploratory parties return more quickly.

Should we sell the wheel in order to map Dragon Pass?

Well, we can answer that question when the time comes... by giving us an opportunity to get rid of it and letting you vote then.

There goes the opportunity--off to the Varmandi clan. We don't know much about them, so maybe some friendly contat will fix that. Apparently they're strongly pro-criminal, which is an interesting approach to life.

Then I hire more warriors.

Ortossi--I refuse to believe you're dead. You're much too strong. No, I think you've simply finished with our clan, taken a few close friends, and headed out into the wind, to see what can be seen. I know that, somewhere out there, you're traveling with a sword in one hand, a known drink in the other, and a wry smile on your face. That when you find a strange land full of foolish people, you spend a few days teaching them what hospitality is, then kill a natural disaster and head on your way.

I have chosen to believe in you, Ortossi, even after I will never again see you. May the wind carry you ever forwards.

Your trader, Korstardos, arrives in the Varmandi tula. Their clan ring consults, and says they might be willing to buy Gustbran's Wheel. They would also consider offering Vargast's Ring. They summarize its abilities: "Keeps our warriors happy, making it easier to recruit weaponthanes."

Buy Vargast's Ring.

Decline the trade.

Offer to exchange treasure for treasure.

Sell Gustbran's Wheel.

Also! I will be at Philcon, the Philadelphia Science Fiction Convention, this weekend. To anyone in the area, it's in Cherry Hill these days, which I supppose makes it Chillcon, but who's counting. Show up, say hi! It's fun.