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Part 278: 1352: Drenyan and the Tree Brothers

And now we've traded the wheel for an awesome new.... thingamabob. I've already forgotten what that thing does. It's a recruitment poster or something.

I know a few of you are unhappy that we haven't been stomping on many faces recently. As it turns out--you're not alone!

And Umathkar is sick in bed because of injuries sustained on her heroquest.

Nobles from the Tree Brother clan come in their formal finery to tell you that they intend to kill as many of you as they can. "Because we have told you this, it is not secret murder, which would be a crime. We will kill you legally, which you deserve because Drenyan killed all four sons of our chief for no reason. We have thought well of you in the past, but this transgression is too terrible to go unanswered."

Apologize for Drenyan's actions.

Compose a poem praising the memory of the slain.

Do nothing, for now.

Offer them wergild.

Outlaw Drenyan.

Tell them you are ready to fight.

It is a hard thing to say, but we must outlaw Drenyan, so the Tree Brothers can see that we denounce her actions. Then they can kill her, without making war on us.

I didn't kill them for no reason; I killed them to start a war. We're getting soft and weak.

We can afford to pay a reasonable Wergild.

If there must be war, we are ready.

Drenyan has put us in an impossible situation.

Why must we all suffer for the actions of the one?