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Part 247: Ernalds Feeds the Tribe: Finale

Umathkar returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one. Umathkar became wiser, and better able to share that wisdom with the clan.

She's now a heroic leader, which is pretty great.

Early on there was some confusion as to what to do with daga, so I went back to find out what would happen if she attacked it.

Because the heroquest is the story of how they recovered from Daga's attack, killing daga early on ruins it. She wouldn't have gotter her stat gain, either--but like her predecessor, she's cearly quite capable of killing a lack of water. Good show, girl.

The expedition to Kero Fin was successful, and now we have a new got to worship! Praying to Kero Fin does pretty much nothing, as all of her spells are borderline useless. (I'm sure I'll be contradicted quickly)

Anyway, I sent Ortossi out to explore again.

And he found nothing this time.

Stupid trolls. For some reason, we arn't getting magic for defeating them any more, which means their attacks are nothing but distractions. They don't even have horses to steal.

Missing File: capture_11112009_185041.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Warriors of the Badger clan burst into the stead of Wilms, one of your prominent carls. They beat him severely and slash him with their swords. They also hurt his wife, Vininna, when she tries to intervene. They flee before other defenders can be roused to fight them. Vininna says that they are taking vengeance on Wilms for beating one of their clan-mates after a drunken meeting in the forest lands outside your tula.

Encourage Wilms to sponsor poetic revenge.

Encourage Wilms to sponsor violent revents.

Launch a legal claim against the attackers.

Launch a punitive raid against the Badger clan.

Persuade Wilms to forswear vengeance.

The nastiest revenge is not always the bloodiest.

They must pay for this!

Find a peaceful solution.

This situation calls for the grey-beards. And the brown- and blond- and red-beards, too.