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Part 473: Advice of the Ring

Garstal has smeared his name on yet another accomplishment of the Kuchulainni, it seems. Is it time to rename the tread, "King of Dragon Pass: Gay Garstal Hero Worship Station" yet, or should we wait for the Garstal memorial hospital and starbucks?

Our lands stretch further than ever. We're running out of neighbors to conquer!

So instead, I'll just go burn the Tree Brother lands to ash.

I didn't demand that they pay annual tribute, and instead accepted their gift. At this point, it's more important to patch relations than to get MORE cows to choke our lands with.

Orkarla, one of your female carls, is caught doing secret magic around the tula's well. Some accuse her of attracting disease spirits. She denies doing anything a all. But then people start to get sick.

Conduct a divination.

outlaw her, then see that she is killed.

Outlaw her.

Proclaim her innocense.

Use magic to cure her madness.

There is no risk in killing this old woman. Assuming she isn't a powerful priestess of Chaos, of course.

If we don't act soon to stop this magic, she will only keep on doing it.

The deliberate spreading of disease is one of the most serious crimes in our tradition. She must die.

Orkarla hasn't been right in the head since she was caught in that stead fire.

I had nothing to do with this!