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Part 56: 1334: Wanderers seek to join the clan

Ortossi's stats haven't gone up, but he's gotten a new one at the bottom of the list. I'm not sure what the armor actually does--but somehow I doubt he'll fall in combat with anything.

Missing File: NewArmor004.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Our numbers have been dropping off a bit, so I've given the order to recruit from among our allies and relatives. We're deep in cows, so I said to spend cows to get farmers.

I'm getting tired of these guys. Next Fire, we should go murder a few dozen of them.

Poor, poor man. If only any of us remembered who he was. Didn't he get set on fire by Eurmal?

Another Pyrrhic victory. Good think I'm already recruiting, huh.

And a quick temple to Issaries joined the temple to Uralda I built earlier this year I'm not sure I mentioned. This Issaries shrine will power a "Market" blessing, that will make our trade routes more profitable, and more or less pays for itself. The Uralda shrine powers a "Bless Calves" miracle, which makes us gain more cows and more or less pays for itself.

A family of travelers petitions you, seeking membership in your clan. The father, Jarstakos, speaks on behalf of the others. His family made the dangerous trek from Esrolia, in search of freedom and prosperity. So far, they have found only misery. Jarstakos promises hard work and loyalty in return for your generosity.

Accept them as cotters.

Assign them fine land and a starter herd.

Assign them some land.

Force them to be thralls.

Offer to introduce them to the chieftain of the Ernaldori clan instead.

Refuse them

Back in the Darkness, the ragged remains of the Nalda Bin came to our ancestors, who adopted them into the clan.

If we wish to help them without offending our long-suffering carls, we must make them cottars.

They made it all the way from Esrolia alone? I don't trust their story.