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by Mystic Mongol

Part 57: 1334: Weaponthanes Complain

There we go, some end of the year shenanigans. We need more food, we need more blessings, we need more farmers--and we need more weaponthanes.

The warriors of your clan come to complain. "There are too few warriors now," says Maniski, their spokesman. "Our patrols are stretched too thin. We cannot protect all the lands, herds, and people, and the other clans know it. Normally, we could train some of the carls to be weaponthanes, but none of the carls are ready yet. We have to go outside the clan. Unless you find more warriors quickly, one of our foes will surely attack us."

Act quickly to hire new warriors; accept outlaws if you must.

Build their morale with an inspirational poem.

Listen to them; do nothing.

Send Korstardos on a mission to find the best warriors available.

Take on new warriors only as qualified candidates come forward.

We should go among the other clans and find warriors who already have horses.

Precedent does not forbid us from forgiving outlaws, but we must remember that most such people were outlawed for good reason.

How can we crush our foes if we do not keep our clan strong?

The carls are afraid of attacks. They want more weaponthanes too.