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Part 290: 1353: Wise Chief Umathkar

That's one hundred and fifty goods in pocket. But imagine if that jerk had brought one hundred fifty cows! The men of Tarsh can't be trusted.

So, Fedarkos is dead--which means we have to replace him. Fortunately, we have a pretty good plants expert, young and eager to serve the clan, who worships a god who isn't yet represented on the clan ring!

Jernalda was a simple girl, slow of thought and action, and grew to be a simple woman. Her even temperment has made her a good mother, but unremarkable--until Fedarkos noticed her profound understanding of the way things grow. It may be because her life moves at the same speed as the crops, but she understands the fields better than any Kuchulainni of her generation.

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the queen for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. Garrath, chief of the Badger clan, accuses the Bayberry chief, Enothea, of stealing weaponthanes away from his clan. He recently recruited five worthy Man-Troll fighters from the Holy Country to join his clan, giving them many fine gifts. But after a feast held by Enothea, the deserted the Badgers for the Bayberries. Garrath demands compensation equal to twice the value of the gifts he gave to the weaponthanes.

Closely question both chieftains.

Conduct a divination.

Find in favor of Enothea.

Find in favor of Garrath.

Penalize both parties.

Tell them to take the matter to a full moot.

The loser of this dispute will blame us, if it is we who rule.

If Enothea induced the weaponthanes to leave, she is in the wrong. But if they left of their own accord, she is blameless.

Garrath's clan is a stouter wartime ally then Enothea.

The winner of this dispute will give us a gift.

Clan chiefs can be men or women.

Our clan magic is strong; it will guide the spirits of our ancestors to find the truth of this matter.

If we do not consult the spirits of our ancestors, they will be angry with us, and cause our limbs and noses to fall off.

Keep those poems coming!