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Part 289: 1353: Spoils of Battle

And we're off! It's a bright shining tomorrow!

Fedarkos. He fought alone, against a foe we could barely comprehend. With no allies on the ring, and precious few among the weaponthanes, he battled to protect us from the only army that truly threatened us... and was paid only in scorn and hatred. But still he carried his beliefs, marching forwards, battling onward. He died on his feet, falling forwards, and carrying two truths with him as he fell--the greatness of the Kuchulainn, and the terrible ferocity of their secret foes.

He may never hear it, but we must honor him with the greatest reward we can--a well written poem.

It's the second King of Dragon Pass Avatar Contest! Maybe this time the winner won't immediately stop posting forever, the big fat jerk.

Fedarkos needs an epic poem written about him! It should talk about his high points, glorify his struggles, and give him a catchy title. It should also have some sort of pithy moral, so Randalyar can talk about the famed elf foe instead of giving goddamn advice. The winner will receive a Fedarkos avatar, to preserve his memory among the Kuchulainn forever.

The Tarshite noble Illator is back, bearing payment for your contribution to the Battle of Falling Hills. Unfortunately, he deceived you! Instead of the cows he promised you, he's brought chest after chest of small silver coins bearing the face of some beardless tyrant. Many members of the clan look crestfallen; they distinctly remember his promise to give us cows.

Grudgingly accept the wealth.

Hold Illator hostage; have his men get the cows.

Kill Illator and send his head back to King Arim.

Ask him to sacrifice to strengthen your clan magic.

Send Illator back to Tarsh to get the cows.

Arim is far away, but he is a great king. He won't take kindly to our killing Illator or taking him hostage.

Cows. Illator promised us cows. So cows we must get.

These coins are valuable despite their origin, and they are offering a staggering number of them. Take the coins!

Orlanth saw Ernalda prisoner in the Emperor's palace. He stormed the palace, killing all the defenders.