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Part 187: 1344: Winter's Assault

Another year begins.

Korstardos heads out to buy treasure from the Wolf clan. Kuchulainn must be known for its pile of shiny objects!

Oh, god. They want to split off again. Once again I chose the, 'raid a neighbor' option... but soon we'll have to let them, if for no other reason than because appeasement becomes increasingly unfeasable.

Also, our bad luck with food last year means it might have been a good idea to lose all the poor people. Oh, well!

The Jays are defeated so thoroughly (without the use of additional magic--I am SO HAPPY that we can spend two on war every year now) that they sue for surrender.

But Kuchulainn's lust for blood is too great! Silence, miserable Jays!

I've sent Korlaman off to see what lies beyond Beast Valley. With any luck, he'll find cows.

A passive bonus to all war forever as long as Garstal is on the ring?

I have never loved a shield as much as I love this shield right now.

Whup, there go the Blue Jays. More land for us.

Also, they didn't move very far away, so we can keep raiding them when the fire season rolls around!

A terrible storm from the far north descends on your land. The cattle are frost-bitten. This is no ordinary storm, but an assault by the forces of cold and darkness. Some of the carls think they saw ice demons hiding in the driving snow.

Gather Wind Lords from many clans to fight the ice demons.

Propitiate Valind, enemy god of Cold.

Sacrifice to Orlanth.

Send a war party out ot fight the ice demons.

Wait out the storm.

The ice demons do not recognize our laws.

Although it may be tempting to deal with enemy gods, the people always suffer for it in the end.

The ice demons are called hollri. They are very powreful servants of Valind, a glacial enemy god defeated by Orlanth in ancient times.

Although the snows are bad now, they will later melt and provide water for our crops.

Demons can be slain, just like men. Give me a small force, and I will prove it to you.