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Part 186: 1343: Sacred Time

And it's that time of year again.

I usually ask here, "What do we want to get done this year?" And people respond, "Let's spend two in war and three in hunting and..." ignoring the fact that I basically have no interest in what they think I should spend the magic in. Yes, I'm going to fill heroism and war. No, I'm not going to spend anything in hunting. And very few people actually answer the question posed.


Instead of that, please choose from the following objectives.

Exploring our surroundings!

Explore the boundaries of Dragon Pass!

Explore our tula!

Explore Kero Fin!

Destroy the Blue Jays, our arrogant neighbors!

Destroy the Jenestni, those who fled from us!

Parties and alliances!

Trade, trade, trade! Maybe even buy a treasure or two!

Learn the secrets of the Gods!