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Part 185: 1343: Fire Quartz Alliance Negotiations

Yeah... I don't think the farmers were happy with our decision.

A few of you reminded me that I forgot to explain what the new magic item and magic ritual do. So... here!

I sent the whore out to freeze to death out in the wilderness.

Unfortunately, she was just maimed a bit.

Some trolls show up, but one brave hero takes up the Raven Banner and carries the day for us.

Finally, food is a bit tight, so I send Korstardos out to buy more from the Bayberry, like we've agreed to.

Orlkarth, a prosperous herdsman of the Fire Quartz clan, appears before you bearing a message of alliance from his clan leaders. He bears gifts for you. "Our two clans have similar interests," Orlkarth says, "and should band together to face the many threats that beset isin this unyielding land. We can trade goods with one another at a favorable rate. What do you say?"

Agree to an alliance.

Decline his offer.

"If we agreed, we would have too many allies to please."

See if you can get more gifts out of him.

Send him packing.

Their fyrd is not as big as ours. It is we who would help them on the field of battle, not the other way around.

The Fire Quartz chieftain is known to be honest and plain-spoken. The people will be upset if we send his representative packing.

They are prosperous, and worth allying ourselves with.

A little white lie with soothe any injured feelings.