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Part 184: 1343: Fire Quartz Cattle Rustlers

Jenesta is one of the new nobles. She has the highest leadership value of the clan--and worships Ernalda, not Vinga. Maybe it's time to send a new team to visit the Cragspider.

Their gratitude apparently is worth 11 goods. Well, at least they like us more now.

It's the Dark season, so it's a good time to brush up on our mysteries.

Frantic carls run to the ring to report that the Fire Quartz carls are calmly taking an entire herd of fifty cattle away from you. "If this is a raid," they say, "It is a very strange raid; the Fire Quartz act as if they had permission to do this!" Then Garstal speaks up. "They do have permission. My permission. I said they could take the whole herd. That herd was made up entirely of funny-looking cows." The carls are beside themselves with shock and outrage.

Do nothing.

"It is the trickster's religious duty to betray us."

Persuade the Fire Quartz to give the cows back.

Punish Garstal.

"They were really funny-looking cows."

Threaten to raid the Fire Quartz if they don't return the cows.

Have Ortossi replace the cows from his own herd.

I must act quickly to salvage this ridiculous situation.

Garstal has promised to obey the chieftain. He is sanctioned and protected -- so long as he does nothing as blatantly harmful as this! Outlaw him.

Tricksters are allowed to do anything they want, but have no legal protection from the consequences. Outlaw him.

We must tell them that friendship between our clans is more important than cows.

We are stronger than they are, and they know it.

It is more important to get the cows back than to punish Garstal.

I mean it--these really are funny-looking cows.