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Part 183: The Making of the Storm Tribe: Finale

The voting selected 'Passion' so that's what I chose. There wasn't a message about it.

It's no stat boost, but we did get a magic item out of it. And yes, as people suggested, I'm pretty sure that the Wheel is the only thing Gustbran will actually make.

So, that's the god realm! There are a bunch of vignettes in there, random little nothing events where you have a chance to go home and a chance to die horribly. They're neat enough, but mostly a waste of time--I just wanted to make sure we saw it once. With luck, that'll be the last we see of them.

Stupid harvest.

A number of the clan's leading women approach the ring. Their leader, Enastarra, has a litany of complaints. "Ever since Ortossi became chief," Enastarra says, "Things have gone from bad to worse. Our friends the Arnzarni tell jokes about us as part of their holy day ceremonies. The Jenestni send curses that sour our milk and make our bread taste like straw. At home, things are no better. Legal cases start up again a week after Ortossi makes a judgment. It's time we had a new chief."

Dispute their allegations.

Do nothing.

Remind them of their obligations to their leaders.

Request Ortossi's resignation.

"Who put you up to this, Enastarra?"

I can't believe we're listening to this windbag.

At least we won our last battle--luck has not deserted Ortossi.

The carls have no particular complaint about Ortossi.

We could hold a belching competition--and the winner gets to be chief!