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Part 188: 1344: Raiding the Horse Spawn

Well, there goes five weaponthanes and twenty cows.

Missing File: WinterEnds003.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Anyway, it's fire, so I follow up the attack on the Jays with another attack on the Jays.

Unfortunately, whichever chucklehead decided how we went to the Blue Jays didn't travel through Rangdani or Cabbage Duck land, but rather through Blackrock clan land--and the Blackrocks are allies of the miserable Blue Jays.

Fortunately, they decide to betray that alliance for fifteen cows, which just goes to show you of how highly they value their friends.

Your explorers find an encampment of the cruel nomads you call the Horse-Spawn, and come back to tell the rest of the clan about it. They report seeing a magnificent horse, one that seemed so big and powerful that it must be magic. The warrior Renatha is excited by their words, and says you should organize a War Party to capture the magical steed.

Convince the people that sending a party would be unwise.

Recruit warriors from other clans to join the party.

Reject Renatha's suggestion.

Seek the blessings of the gods before sending a party.

Send a party to capture the steed.

This should be theft by stealth, not a full-scale raid. We should send neither too many nor too few warriors -- seven of them, say. The leader must be a good hunter, as well as a good fighter.

The horse-spawn claim to be descended from centaurs, and related to horses.

The horse will be easy to catch.