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Part 189: 1344: Fedarkos and the Elves

That could have gone better. Two weaponthanes die, two more are wounded.

Anyway, the Blue Jays try to surrender again. This time I offer them an annual tribute of 25 cows for peace.

Cool, we'll get to fight mercenaries!

Were there mercenaries in this fight? We sure didn't get many Jays, but we did make off with a pile of treasure.

Then, the horsespawn retaliate for our failed attempt on their horse.

We don't get much out of it... normally we manage to steal a handful of horses from them, but this time all we get is neglect.

Weaponthanes of your clan return from a sudden trip into the woods, dragging with them three captured elves, one of whom is severely wounded. At first, it is hard to figure out why the weaponthanes did this, but then Fedarkos begins to exalt in this great victory. He send the weaponthanes on the mission. "Now, finally, we shall have our final confrontation with the accursed elves! They will come here to rescue the hostages, and then we shall burn them all, as if they were nothing more than dried twigs!"

Prepare for an elf attack.

Release the elves.

Remove Fedarkos from the ring, and release the elves.

Scold Fedarkos and release the elves.

Send a delegation to the elf camp to negotiate ransom for the captives.

In their native woods, one elf can fight as well as four men. They will not fight on our terms.

Fedarkos is popular.

It's hard to negotiate with elves, because it's hard to find them.

Curse you all! You're talking about me as if I'm not even here! It's not the first time one of us has done something independently of the ring! The important thing is this: The elves must die!

The elves will cause our fields to become overgrown with trees! They'll plant things inside of us, which will burst forth through our skin!