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Part 190: 1344: Renatha's Suitors

I could be a jerk here and Go, Hunt, Kill Elves---but it's clear that the clan is much more in favor of not starting war with the elves, and the vote just got hideously split on the Fedarkos issue.

Maybe if the elves had done anything bad at all ever, but they've been honestly pretty cool with us, for a race of antagonistic plant monsters. And then Fedarkos ordered his goons to lop off one's arms.

Goodbye, Fedarkos.

He's still in the clan, but we can't put him on the ring for a while, or use him for heroquests, exploration, trading missions, or the like. He's sulking in his room.

We don't have an adequate replacement for him with plants... his unique madness made him Excellent at plant lore. Our second best Plant expert is Korstardos the Omnicompetent, with a rating of Very Good. Which means I can fill that last role based on pretty much any criteria I want--I'll probably toss a healer on there, or maybe another worshiper who's god can boost our crop magic.

Orlanth's taint, it's them again. Pretend we're not home!

I guess we did kill all those mercenaries, and now we get to fight a Bandit King! Sweet.

Koralaman may not be outstanding, but he's great for exploring with his broad skill set, and now that we have the wheel we can send him places at the slowest speed and he'll still get there relatively quickly.

And Korstardos has, once again, solved the food problem.

Renatha, a young woman of your clan renowned for her cleverness and beauty is now of marriageable age. Three suitors come courting her. Rostalos of the Bayberry clan promises a gift of ten horses to the clan ring if he can have her hand in marriage. This gift is above and beyond the bride price, and need not be reciprocated. Orlkarth, of the Arnoring clan, says he knows a secret story of the gods, which he will tell you if you let him marry her. And Tonalang, of the Wolf clan, promises the eternal esteem of his clan in exchange for Renatha's hand.

Allow Renatha to choose.

Marry her to Rostalos.

Marry her to Orlkarth.

Marry her to Tonalang.

Marry her to the winner of a series of contests.

Refuse them all.

The wolves are strongest on the field of battle, and so we must choose Tonalang.

It is the right of the clan ring to determine marriages. The people will be scandalized if we let her choose.

Knowing the right myths makes it easier to travel in the realm of the gods. We should choose Orlkarth.

If we hold contests, people from all around will come to watch. We will receive gifts from other clans.

Rostalos's clan is known for breeding fine horses. We should let him marry Renatha.

The suitors we turn away will urge their clans to make war on us!