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Part 120: The Making of the Storm Tribe: Part I

I talked to them, and I think they aren't guilty. I dropped the case.

The gods say they did it, though.

I'm sure they just made a mistake.

On the lighter side: we finally have enough farmers to tend our lands and our herds, or we would if none of them were sick.

Korstardos is sent to pick up some food from the Cabbage Ducks.

While Brangbane is sent to meet the ducks to the west, who have gone long enough unbothered.

Rubble Runners! I actually like having the little guys, they're like a once a year screw-over-our-rivals event.

Kero Fin seems further away with each passing season.

Goons! Look close after the word, 'traded'. You may see a double space. That's because something is missing... what Korstardos traded for the food.

He got forty bushels of food for free, because he is amazing.

In any case, it's the second half of the earth season, so it's time for a Hero Quest!

The people have gathered their magic to help propel Ortossi into the realm of the gods, with the assistance of 20 Squat Oaks.

In this quest, Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe by gathering together his kin and allies. What benefit do you seek from this heroquest?

Gain Orlanth's blessing for tribe-making.

Make the quester a strong leader.

Improve the reputation of the clan.

Improve the political abilities of clan leaders.

The legends, as always, are available. The underlined segments are the 'deeper' mysteries most Orlanthi don't know.