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Part 419: 1362: Ducks Petition For Clan Membership

And so we lay our hands on an extremely valuable sapphire. I'll send it back to the Badgers, honest, but right now it's raiding season and that means it's time to beat up the Blue Jays.

I haven't been making a good deal about it, but... the clan's pretty happy with our outstanding success rate, our overwhelming wealth, and the success of our godquests.

Our traditional beating of the Jays went well.

Very, very well. They surrendered, in fact.

For some reason, they found my suggestion that they pay us fourty cows a year forever a little harsh, and vowed to resist us with every man they had left. Somehow, I'm not worried.

Well, darn! At least he knocked their fool heads together.

Three casualties? Bit of a rough outing, then.

The Blackrocks provide a slightly more notable challenge. To counter, I dip into the clan's magic supplies.

Korstardos may be a little light on the flavor text, but I can't argue with the results.

This might be a good time to hire some more Weaponthanes, honestly. The game may have awared me victory, but with numbers like those I'm not exactly glowing with pride. Stupid tribe-splitting event.

Ducks come to the clan hall and urge you to support them in their bid to gain membership in your tribe. "We Cabbage Ducks know all sorts of things about Dragon Pass; we've been here while you were gone. We are brave fighters of the undead, and know correct versions of the myths which you people seem to have all wrong. In short, your clan is incomplete until it includes our clan."

Decline their request.

Decline their request; tell this funny story at the moot.

Offer to speak for them at the moot.

"It is traditional to offer a treasure to a possible sponsor."

"It is traditional to offer gifts to a possible sponsor."

A quick reminder... this happened once, over ten years ago. The ducks seemed surprised and insulted by the size of the gifts they would have to give to join our tribe. Their culture doesn't include the same extravagant goft giving Orlanthi culture does.

We are well-respected. The others will give a fair hearing to a petition on behalf of the duck clan, should we choose to make it.

A tribe with ducks in it is unheard-of. It will be extremely difficult to convince the other clans to accept them.

The ducks can be quite effective fighters.

What use could these scrawny creatures be to us?

Oh, the moot will rock with laughter to hear of this tail-end-up proposal!