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Part 459: 1367: Adultery

A hefty cost. I wonder just how a random act of man-on-duck violence just happened to involve five nobles of their clan. I suspect they were promoted posthumously.

We had about twenty hunters thanks to the recruiting I was doing earlire, and the dark season seemed a good time to fix that by turning them back into farmers.

Our fields need to be regularly watered with troll blood to keep our harvest profitable. A little magic should help the process along.

The carl Orlkarth accuses his wife, Ellyr, and Dunorl, his young nephew, of adultery. This is one of the most serious crimes in Orlanthi law, and both Ellyr and Dunorl should be outlawed if you find them guilty of the offense.

Ask their kinfolk if they are guilty.

Exonerate them.

Conduct a divination.

Interrogate them.

Outlaw them.

Errarth, the Tragic King, judged adulterers innocent. The next day, his newborn child was killed by a stray arrow.

Our magic is strong. The spirits of our ancestors will speak clear and true.

Allow me to interrogate them. If they are guilty, I will ferret out their lies. If they speak truth, I shall prove them blameless.

Ellyr reeks of shame.