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Part 212: 1346: The Walktapus

This is pretty goddamn metal.

We grew enough food for two years last harvest, so this year's poor show doesn't hurt us much.

To end the clamoring for more weaponthanes, I spent both of the months of dark season recruiting, which doubled our number of warriors.

Ernaldness, a member of the Wolf clan ring, comes to seek your help. "A terrible creature has been stalking our tula, attacking our cattle. That none of our children have been taken is only a matter of luck. Our clan sages say that it is called a walktapus, and is a creature of Chaos. Many of our weaponthanes were injured during a recent raid by the Blue Jays, so we need help in hunting and slaying this dread beast."

Do it as a favor to the Wolves.

Do it in exchange for a treasure.

Do it in exchange for wealth.

Do it in honor of Urox, foe of Chaos.

Turn her down.

We're poor; let's not ask for anything fancy.

They will like us better if we simply help them.

They are a prosperous clan, and have gathered many interesting treausres. I particularly covet their Three-Bean Broth.

We can't risk losing any of our warriors.

If we defeat the walktapus in the name of Urox, our clan magic will get stronger.

Send me to lead the party. I will tickle the walktapus under its many arms.