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Part 74: 1335: Humakt's Raven Banner

Excelsiortothemax posted:

I have a question. I always,always without fail get royally screwed over by the horse spawn.

Is there any way to curb their constant raids or beat them back?

Put a Stake Perimeter around your tula, it helps a lot.

While a feast is a fine idea, now is not the time for gluttony. Korstardos lies infirm in his bed, and we don't have as much food as I would like, so we'll delay, at least until the man of the hour is strong enough to dine at our side.

Instead, we'll take part in our favorite activity:

Bullying the Jenestni.

At least our warriors don't think we're starving... if the clan is worried about it, they steal food, not goods.

It's been bothering me for a while, but now I remember who it is I think Ortossi looks like... Sir Samuel Vimes. Who's with me on this one?

An exploration party returns with a legendary treasure of the First Age, Humakt's Raven Banner. When carried into a fight, this battle standard guarantees victory in battle. However, it does so at great cost: the standard bearer is always killed.

Give it to an enemy as a peace offering.

Give it to another clan.

Keep it.

Return it to where it was hidden.

Trade it to another clan.

If we keep the banner, we will have to use it sparingly. No warrior will go into combat if he is sure to die.

If we must give this treasure away, be sure not to send it to our enemies.

It's hard to know how much to ask for such a fabulous treasure.

Oh, god, I've been bitten by a saber tooth tiger! Why are you asking me about some wretched banner? Go get me more of those mind-numbing herbs!

This treasure could give us permanent victory over the Elves.

One of the ten survivors of the Dragonkill War said that the man ordered to carry the Raven Banner into that battle dropped it early in the battle, thus ensuring victory for the dragons.