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Part 370: 1358: Nallindia the Refugee

She may look like a crazy old woman, but she's being quite reasonable here. I'm sure she'll take care of this with a minimum of fuss and attention on our part.

As we lost the Klanth of Orlanth, I've sent Korstardos off to see what new treasures he can finagle out of our neighbors.

Your explorers encounter a woman from heortland while mapping the northeast. Her name is Nallindia, and she is fleeing from her homeland. "I slew an angent of the Pharaoh, who sought to tell chosen Orlanthi chieftains how to properly interpret the laws of our people Although my act was just, and supported by the spirits of our ancestors, the leaders were too afraid of the Pharaoh to stand up for what is right. They outlawed me, and sent pursuers to kill me. I think I have outdistanced my pursuers, but would be lying if I said I was sure of that." The explorers were moved by her words, and brought her here, suggesting that you should give her asylum.

Adopt her as a weaponthane in the queen's household.

Adopt her as a weaponthane.

Give her hospitality, then send her on her way.

See her on her way with gifts.

Turn her away.

We have proven ourselves to the people, who love and trust us. We can afford to decide the way we want to decide.

Give her ten cows of easilly portable trade goods.

If her enemies follow her here, the warriors will be proud to smite them.

Do we really need another weaponthane?

The Pharaoh will send evil sorcerers, who will kill half the ring!

Whole lotta big story lines starting this year!