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Part 369: 1358: Stallion Theft

One treasure? Heck, I'd add three if I could. Just let me select--

--wait, what? I saw the list there for a second, but when I tried to scroll through it to see if I had any treasures stupider than the Flesh Puppet, I accidentally selected something.

Aaaand it looks like I've added the Klanth of Orlanth to the tribal regalia, removing our magical bonus to charging.

Curses! Are... are we still the strongest clan?

The Blue Jays have a Wind Lord, a holy warrior of Orlanth with magical powers, fighting on their side. Because he is flying above the battle, none of our warriors can reach him. He is throwing javelins down into our warriors. Umathkar fights her way through a group of enemy soldiers, and sees him up above.

Yeah, we're still the best.

Home battles, away battles...

No one can stop Umathkar's terrible swift sword.

Glendara, a prosperous carl of your clan, comes efore you to complain that her prize stallion, Tempest, has been stolen. Although no one saw the theft, Glendara is certain that it was committed by the sons of Rangarda Dark-Eyes, a well-off carl of the Bayberry clan. "Many times has she offered to buy that horse, and many times did I refuse her. It is the most beautiful stallion in all of Dragon Pass, and I would not let her have it. So she has ordered her sons to steal it."

Launch a legal claim against Rangarda Dark-Eyes.

Launch a raid against the Bayberry clan.

Offer her compensation.

Persuade her to forget the matter.

"This is not a matter for the clan."

Of all our neighbors, our relations with the Barberries are the strongest. We cannot allow a minor matter such as this to mar them.

Although our case is weak, and the prize is small, we could win this by outspending them at the tribal moot.

It is foolish to wage war over a single horse. If we lose, the weaponthanes will be resentful.

Mark my words--a feud between women always ends in the death of men.