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by Mystic Mongol

Part 192: 1344: Mysterious Eggs

Now we have a small, poor, friendly clan on our doorstep.

Maybe we could raid the crap out of them, and steal their cows.

It's winter and there's little better to do, so I take this opportunity to replenish our weaponthanes.

Someone, or something, has evaded your patorls to leave a curious gift on the doorstep of your clan hall. The gift is a basket containing large, and peculiarly shaped, eggs. The children are wonderstruck. Adults wonder whether this omen bodes good or ill.

Care for them until they hatch.

Cook them and serve them to prominent carls.

Cook them and serve to the clan rintg.

Cook them and serve to top weaponthanes.

Trade them away.

We don't know if they are safe to eat.

Whoever left these ment them as a gift. We can do whatever we want with them.

See the design on the basket? The same design was on the robe of Mathrania the Magnificent.

Mmm, I can taste them already.