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Part 193: 1344: Strange Hatchlings

The kids can take care of whatever these things are.

As for the rest of the clan, the leaner, meaner Kuchulainn must play the game of kings... picking on the Blue Jays.

Oooooh yeah.

The strange eggs hatch, and stranger creatures emerge from them. They are large baby lizard-things, with a ruff of bone around their beaked faces. You can be sure that nothing this odd has ever been born in one of your barns before.

Kill them immediately.

Sacrifice them to Orlanth.

Sacrifice them to Urnalda.

Try to raise them.

Trade them to another clan.

Look at their teath. They eat plants, just like cows.

These creatures are called Earthshakers, and are holy to Ernalda's sister, Maran Gor.

How big do you think these things get? How much pasture will they require?

No sane trader would accept one of these loathesome things.