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Part 194: 1344: Sacred Time

Normally I hate going to sleep, waking up, and finding over a page of votes, but this time I didn't have to bother counting them, which is nice.

Why do they keep coming back if they're only going to turn down my kind and generous offer of 20 cows of tribute?

I'm going to stop showing these messages--we need a ludicrous number of carls to work our fields, and the clan would split far below that point.

The who now?

Oh, the Jenestni! I remember them now.

So kind of them to mail us some horses. We must send them a thank-you bouquet of swords.

It's always nice to be appreciated.

Losing clan members has weakened our clan magic, which bites. Also, we took a reputation hit when the clan split.

You guys know the drill!

Strike the Blue Jay with all the hatred our twisted hearts can manage!

Strike the Jenestni with all the hatred our twisted hearts can manage!

Strike the Black Rock with all the hatred our twisted hearts can manage!

Sue for peace with the Blue Jay!

Sue for peace with the Jenestni!

Befriend those in our tribe who do not like us!

Establish long-term, friendly trading routes to improve the health and wellness of our market!

Spend ludicrous numbers of cows and goods on treasure!

Continue exploring the outskirts of Dragon Pass!

Continue exploring Kero Fin!

Continue exploring our Tula!

Learn the secrets of the gods!

Our stone wall, ditch, and row of spikes are not enough! Add a pile of dirt to them!

It's also a heroquest year, so Umathkar's stats should be going up. If we repeat a known heroquest I'm thinking I won't play through it again, because that would be dull.