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Part 38: 1333: The Marriage of Swen and Oranda

Sorry I've stopped--while some days will be faster than others thanks to my schedule, the recent derth is because I caught the SwineBird Flu from Bellmaker over in the Diplomacy LP. (Go root for Austria!) But I'm feeling better now.

A bit of news has sprung from the game's nature as a persistent simulator of ongoing time.

Fedarkos is old now! Yes, the ring's resident elf-hater is growing old, weak, bitter, while the laughing ones remain forever young and beautiful. I guess we're learning a bit about him now.

The magic is in and the year begins...

...with an immediate horse-nomad attack. Our one saved magic is spent immediately, which might turn out to be a mistake. Still, we successfully defeat them with minimal casualties, and it's free horses all around as a reward.

Earlier, someone pointed out that I already had the legends of Orlanth and Aroka, and checking up on it I'm pleased to announce that JosephWongKS is a gentleman and a scholar. The legends are here to read! Anyone who wants to help with the heroquest should probably check them out--I'll stick 'em in the OP later, once I've had a chance to format the other legends.

The first step of the year was easy--Replace Rana with someone who wasn't crippled. Unfortunately, I discovered something disconcerting... not a single one of our 28 nobles worships a god of war! Which means there's no easy way to raise the cap on the war spending each year, which is bad considering we're getting raided a lot, and wish to raid a lot ourselves.

I wound up picking someone almost as good at Rana, worshiping the same gods, but with lower other stats (which is why I didn't pick him in the first place)...

Angorri has spent most of the last fifty years chasing Rana into the woods. Infatuated with her from an early age, he became a hunter to have an excuse to spend his days searching the hills and valleys of Heortland. It seems unlikely that his efforts never softened her heart--while the two were never formally bound to one another in marriage, there's no knowing what they got up to far from the eyes of the clan.

Anyway, the clan was reformed early in the Sea season, and we were rewarded with a pretty good special event.

You host a wedding banquet for the marriage of the high-ranking young warriors Swen and Oranda, a sweet and laughing young maiden from the Arnzarni. You are welcoming Oranda into your clan, and celebrating the original wedding of Orlanth and Ernalda.

Compose a poem in honor of the Anzarni.

Compose a poem in honor of your warriors.

Compose a poem in honor of your carls.

Give the Anzarni gifts.

The warriors are already proud, as Orlanthi should be. They need no pampering.

Our relations with the bride's family are already as good as can be hoped for.

Give them thirty cows!

The carls are very unhappy. This would be a good time to pay tribute to them, when there is little risk of causing future offense.