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Part 39: Orlanth and Aroka: Part I

Welp! Guess we don't have a poet. A poet has a high leadership AND a high custom. Ortossi is a great leader, Arnbord has great Custom, but ironically our best poet is Heortarl, who isn't on the ring because he's a loser chump loser.

We have representatives of seven different gods on our ring, which should make questing easier.

I've called upon the Fire Quartz because a successful Heroquest will make them happy to have taken part in such an endeavor, and lessen the gap between our two tribes. It will go a long way to easing the hurt feelings between our two peoples!

Wretched useless Fire Quartz clan, I hate every one of those dog-lovers.

We're sending our leader deep into the time of myths and legends! Tell us--what shall he accomplish there?