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Part 91: 1336: Sacred Time

Aww! It's the feel good movie of the decade.

The harvest has been pretty good, so I've ordered more recruiting to be done, and a huge feast to be thrown.

My recruiting techniques were WAY too effective. Is this the group of strangers our gods warned us about during the sacred time? Welp, guess we're up two hundred settlers! Maybe Fedarkos will stop bitching about not having enough farmers now.

The raven banner is pretty much the best treasure I've ever seen. With its help, we crushed the Jenestni attack completely.

I'm not sure why Ortossi is so angered by the Horse Spawn, but he sure is. We need to find a way to get them.

And the year is over! It's time for another heroquest, by the way--we can do Aroka and protect us from newts, or we can unleash the power of Humakt's new hero quest taught to us by the spirits of the legless king who's name I don't remember.