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Part 34: 1332: Defilement of the Temple of Orlanth

Well! The Orlanthi may call that a victory, but I don't. At least we got horses.

Because they're convinced they won this fight, this is good for clan pride. I guess they judge themselves on being able to protect their land and cows, and to lay down your life in the defense of the tula is a fine thing. The manual says in order to succeed at this game you have to throw away your modern morality and embrace the code of the Orlanthi. This must be the kind of thing they're talking about.

They died fine celtic deaths, and protected our cows from barbarian scum! Their deeds will be immortalized in song and poem.

The second half of Fire, I sent Garstal out to explore the Tula. He kept putting on masks and doing tasteless impressions of the warriors who died in the raid, and it was affecting clan morale.

Orlgard, the willful child of well-liked carls, has a history of making trouble. But now he has done the unthinkable. He has desecrated your Orlanth temple, throwing cow dung all over the holy shrines. When asked why he would do such a thing, he only shrugs. His parents are besides themselves with shame and anger. The god-talkers conduct the usual rituals to restore the balance of the temple.

Conduct an additional, powerful temple-cleaning ritual.

Outlaw him, and see to it that he is killed.

Outlaw him.

Send for shamans to see if the boy is possessed.

"Let his kinfolk deal with it."

We must conduct a more elaborate cleansing ritual.

Desecrating a temple is an awful crime, but he has not yet been initiated, and is not responsible for his actions.

Shamans will know. Just don't insult them by bargaining with them!

Orgald has always been a handful, but he has never done anything as bad as this.

Orgald has not been possessed; he is just a very bad boy.