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Part 35: 1332: Lhankpent's Story

Christ is this update big--the game just didn't want to give me any real choices.

The cleansing ritual was a success, although what no one told us was that it took a magic to perform. Boo! Now I wish we had beaten the kid silly instead.

Trying a Cabbage Duck trade route again--I'm sure it'll work sooner or later.

Well, that's disheartening. Am I going to lose a dozen men every time they show up?

I didn't even put this one up for a vote because there was only one option.

The exploration is complete, and we've improved clan crafting yet again. Nice! Also, the spirit-fetch restored the magic we spent on cleaning up after that kid. Net expenses he caused: Thirty-five cows worth of goods. Ooooh, I'm looking for a chance to set that brat on fire.


Boo. Goddamn fucking tightwad ducks! They're swimming in goods, they've got trade supplies in a giant bin, and they aren't spending any of them! That's what happens when we try to make friends with CABBAGE.

I decided to do this event myself, judging on previous actions.

No idea why the carls were whining so much, it's not like we don't have plenty of food to go around this year.

More mysteries revealed. Silvertounge makes our traders more effective. Maybe we can cast it and finally get that route from the ducks.

Another raid, this time one slightly more serious than the horse-men... but just as I had built stakes before being attacked by horse riders, I constructed that shrine to Urox just before being attacked by the trolls! I sacrificed, which was stupid, so we got nailed during the ritual, and apparently spending two magic on war was insufficient. Still, with Urox's blessing we were victorious over our ancestral foe!

Here I was hoping to learn some mysteries about Orlanth's heroquests, but no, I just got the Thunderstone blessing. Thunderstone makes skirmishing more effective. It's not a super awesome blessing unless you're going deep hunters.

Rumormongering from Korstardos--apparently our allies in the Rangdani clan stuck up for us. Nice. Maybe it's time to enter into a formal alliance with them.

And FINALLY we reach a meaningful event. In fact, one of the game's major plotlines is starting up here, so clean the wax out of your ears and listen up!

One of your weaponthanes, Lhankpent, appears before the clan and recounts an incident that occured back in the Holy Country, before the migration to Dragon Pass. "When I was just a child, my father Jorator, a weaponthane of this clan, was seized by Kestad and Asborn, then of the Ardling clan. They threw him upon a bonfire, and would not let him off of it, until he had been burned to the bones. Long have I given up hope of vengeance against those two killers. But now I hear that they have been adopted by the Zethnorings. Although they are now old, they must pay for what they did while they were young."

Allow Lhankpent to pursue private vengeance against them.

Demand wergild for the slaying of Lhankpent's father.

Launch a raid against the Zethnorings.

Tell Lhankpent that this is not the proper time for vengeance.

Tell the Zethnorings to outlaw these two men.

If we raid the Zethnorings, Lhankpent can avenge his father on the battlefield.

We have no case against the Zethnorings, the killings took place in a far-distant land. If we allow Lhankpent to kill these men, the Zethnorings will have a case against us.

The people sympathize with Lhankpent's cause, but will not be happy if it leads us to trouble.

Lhankpent will keep asking until we satisfy him--or he may take matters into his own hands, no matter what we say. Best to let him settle this privately.

Living cows are more useful than dead enemies.

In the sagas, personal grudges often turn into full-fledged feuds between clans.

We have good cause to demand wergild.