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Part 36: 1332: Sacred Time

Damn, it's hard to bring justice to another clan for the actions of a completely different clan. In fact, it's damn hard to do anything as a clan in what is inherently a deeply personal matter. Maybe we should have let Lhankpent handle this one himself. Or maybe that would have led to a war we can ill afford with the repeated efforts of the Jenestni clan to flood us with snakes and the horse-spawn to flood us with horse poo.

The clan mood is dark, so I decided it would be an excellent time to cheer everyone up with a party. Invite our neighbors! Invite the ducks! Invite everyone!

Didn't mean them. At least we saw them coming, so we've got our full defensive force and can hit them with the old maneuver/capture.

I didn't bother asking about this one, because when it comes to a sixty year old woman, I know none of you will vote for her to run away, ring member or no. Unfortunately, I managed to delete the results picture--I may have another copy of it back at the apartment, but for now you'll have to make do with what I think I remember the results being.

Rana let out a terrible scream that could be heard across the entire battlefield. She gripped her sword tightly and leapt at the Jenestni warriors. They fell upon her, spearing her many times with their swords and striking her to the ground. They left her where she lay, but she later managed to cry out to our clanmates for help.

Way to beat up a sixty year old women, you filthy troll-lovers. Rally, men! Defeat them for Rana!

Another glorious victory for the Kuchulainni! That'll show them a thing or two. Maybe next time they'll think twice before attacking sixty year old warrior grannies.

The one captive was ransomed back for five goods, meaning we're absolutey in the pocket over this attack--except for one of our ring leaders being injured. Maybe we should research some miracles of Chalana Arroy to patch her up manually.

Now we've learned the final miracle of Orlanth, Woad. Woad prevents injuries and illnesses among our farmers, but not anyone else in the clan. I was really hoping Orlanth would teach us some myths so we could do his heroquests without going in blind. Miracles are nice too, I guess.

Life is hard all over, it seems. I guess the Colymar clan is pretty much a group of punk ass weaklings!

You know the deal. It appears that we're getting nine magic a year at this point--so what are our clan's objectives?

A more detailed question: We've gone long enough without doing a HeroQuest. Should we dive right in and do Orlanth and Aroka? Or should we do a little more praying first so we learn the stories of the gods, so we'll actually know what we're doing on the quest?

Also, wait for Rana to recover, (she might not, she's old) make an effort to heal her, or replace her on the ring--maybe with a war god worshiper so we can spend more than one magic on war?