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Part 375: 1359: Bronzebones the Outlaw

To war! Bring forth the soldiers and the leaders, the auxilaries, and some warrior women from the Apple clan to counter their terrible warrior women!

Uhhh.... I was really counting on getting the Apples to help.

Things arn't actually looking that good, so I ordered the Raven Banner deployed.

I guess that could have gone worse.

Chalana Arroy is apparently not too angry at us for our constant warring, and healed all of our wounded.

Then it was the fire season, and the Apples were available. Time to extend our revenge to the southeast!


Garstal isn't much of an explorer, honestly.

I'm beginning to wonder if we've gotten too many enemies.

Almost every one of the enemy got crippled or worse--and our healers and supply forces didn't even have any work to do after the fighting was done. Garstal said he had broken his, "brittle, old song bone" but the Chalana Arroy priestess couldn't find any evidence of bruising, even after he removed his pants.

Mosdorl introduces the ring members to Orlkensor Bronzebones, a warrior of the Rangdani clan. orlkensor has been outlawed by Hend. Mosdorl says that he knows Orlkensor well. "Orlkensor doesn't want to say why he was outlawed, but he is a true and just fellow, so the ruling must be political. We should take him in."

Demand that he explain why he was outlawed.

Find another clan to take him in.

Give him quarters in Mosdorl's stead.

Give him quarters in the chief's hall.

Refuse him.

We can always use an extra weaponthane.

People sometimes get outlawed for no good reason. Orlkensor probably offended his chieftain.

I trust Mosdorl.

When we act in a kindly manner, we earn the love and honor of the goddess Chalana Arroy.