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Part 374: 1358: Sacred Time

Thuryl posted:

I'd get into a discussion about how even strict behaviourists don't believe that punishment is normally an effective motivational tool...

What they've been teaching me is that if it doesn't act as an effective detractive, it's not actually punishment, but just being kind of mean. Very clever! They've got me coming and going.

In any case, I send ten gifts to smooth things over.

It looks like they're just as tired of these idiot feuding grudge-monkeys, so they promise to ignore the whole incedent.

Korstardos' trading mission is a success--he buys a magical geegaw that apparently boosts the wisdom and strength of certain ring members. Yes, we've gained yet another mystery treasure that we'll never know the use of! Hooray!

Garstal is sent to his ultimate fate. Go with Orlanth, my friend. Show those trolls a trick or two!

Then, sacrifice to the traditional enemy of the forces of chaos, Urox, yields an early chaos detection ritual.

It might have been useful here.

The banner may be gone, but on the positive side our fields are well watered with their foul blood. The corn should grow ripe quickly next year.

We still don't have trading routes running with every member of our tribe.

Heortarl needs to make himself useful.

I can't imagine what use knowing how many pigs another clan has is, given that you never steal pigs, can't trade for pigs, and no blessings affect pigs, of your clan or anothers.

Cowards! Getting a little spooked just because a friend gets instantly killed before their horrified eyes.

It's not like anyone ELSE got speared. Well, anyone else on our side.

Serves them right--they need to worship a real god.

Early year rituals--we can't spend quite as much on mysteries or quests because Garstal is off playing trollslayer.

You get sent north, disappear for four months, then come back drunk saying that the Blackrock, a clan who's lands are a quater mile to the north, forced you to turn back.

Yes, that's right.

Fifty lashes for Garstal.


If he won't go north, we'll have to try east. Let's see what Prax thinks of him!

Vingan warrior women burst into your clan hall during a feast. They set fire to the hall, and wound several warriors and ring members. As your weaponthanes rally to drive them off, they retreat, sustaining only light wounds themselves. Your attackers were from the Tree Brother clan, whose weaponthanes are well-known for hiring out their martial services to other clans. They are often employed during feuds. Many of your people immediately assume that they were hired by the Jenestni, who you are feuding with.

Hire Tree Brother mercenaries to attack the Jenestni.

Make peace with the Jenestni clan.

Retaliate against the Tree Brother clan.

Retaliate against the Jenestni clan.

Seek compensation from the Tree Brother clan.

Take no action.

The Tree Brother lawspeakers will claim they are not responsible for the attack, because they are mere mercenaries, and therefore neutral.

We have plenty of cattle, and should hire mercenaries.

Wait until the crops are sown, then plan for spectacular vengeance.

I thought followers of Chalana Arroy were supposed to be pacifists.

What can I say? Sometimes the goddess of healing just has to kill a few dozen people, then burn their houses down and salt the land. You'll understand when you're older.