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Part 373: 1358: Prize Stallion Reclaimed

Axe-man posted:

Without this thread being completed there will be no christmas for Axe-man this year, no christmas at all.

Let's see, what's new---I have to send Garstal to the Cragspider, that's new. Going to visit my Granny in a few days, but I have free time again and I should be back at it.

Anyway! To pick up where we left off--I believe we were selecting a treasure. I haven't left the game running for the past week and a half, so I have to run the heroquest again. No big deal, I'll just have to try until I get the same response I did the first time through. Yes, yes, it's technically savescumming, but I got it honestly the first time through, so I'm willing to make an exception.

Yeah, so... fifteen tries in, and I'm tired of doing this. Mostly he keeps failing at severing the ties with his family--Garstal isn't one for showing moral fiber, he keeps giving in to the temptation of kicking back with his buddies and a known drink.

So I faked it.

In any case--

--we all know how it REALLY happened.

Seriously, how did he do it the first time, but not times two through sixteen? Clearly, savescumming makes the tribe weak.

Glendara's sons and daughter recovered the stolen stallion Tempest. They found him hidden in a cave on the Bayberry tula, where they fought off the sons of Rangarda Dark-Eyes. One of the defenders, named Norpent Rangardasson, was slain, and another was badly hurt. But justice has been served, for Glendara's prize horse is hers again, and her honor restored.

Praise Glendara.

Scold Glendara.

Send gifts to the Bayberries, to placate them.

Take no action.

We must stop this from turning into a feud. It will be easier to placate our Bayberry friends than to convince strong-willed Glendara that she was wrong to do this.

Glendara was within her rights to do this. There is no need to cause her.

Glendara has often mocked the need to be vigilant against the elves. Now she has gone too far!

Some of the carls are worried that this will lead us into a costly series of reprisals. Others admire her and support what she has done.

Glendara will get us into trouble!