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Part 437: 1363: Sacred Time

They seem friendly now. I guess we'll not be being constantly attacked by extremely weak Horse-Spawn any more.

It's good to know the Zenthoring are willing to take up the slack.

And that they're incredibly weak.

Magic spend, prophecy received, and we're away!

Enent returns with terrible news. When exploring to the southwest, the exploratory party was ambushed by gigantic bull-men. They captured the party and declared them thralls. They let Enent go, in order to warn the clan that those lands are under the protection of the great Ironhoof, and any who come there will be taken as thralls.

Let the matter go.

Promise not to trespass on their territory if they return their prisoners.

Send a war party to rescue the prisoners.

Send a war party to take bull-men hostage; then swap prisoners.

Warn other clans not to go to beastfolk territory.

It is always easier to take random prisoners than rescue hostages. The question is: Can we hold onto bull-men after we take them prisoners?

Some beastmen, the ducks for example, follow a strange version of Orlanthi culture. The bull-men, however, do not.

We have shown friendship and an open hand to the beastmen. Surely they will listen to reason.

It sounds as if the beastmen value the sanctity of their land more than anything else.

Let's not offend Ernalda by fighting in the Sea season, and let's also not offend the beastmen.

Before Alakoring was Alakoring Dragonbreaker, he negotiated with the bull-men. He came with too few warriors, and they tried to make him a thrall.